PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models
PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models
PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models
PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models
PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models
PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models

PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 including M3 models


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Product information "PULSE seat console suitable for BMW E36 BMW E46 incl. M3 models"

Immerse yourself in the world of racing - our seat consoles adapt to your needs!

Discover our innovative seat console that is suitable for a variety of racing bucket seats. With a classic motorsport connection on the side, our consoles are easy to install. The result? An exceptional, customizable seating position that puts you at the center of your racing experience.

Our focus is on aligning your seating position perfectly - exactly in the middle of your workplace in the racing car. Through intelligent technology we offer you a unique experience. Adjustable angles and tilts allow you to adjust the seat exactly to your needs. A lower seating position brings you closer to the action and lets you become one with the race car.

We live and breathe racing. Every second, every heartbeat belongs to our products. Because we know that your safety and performance on the racetrack are crucial. Our seat mounts are the result of passionate engineering and years of motorsport experience. We know how important it is to have a perfect sitting position that allows you to perform at your best.

Immerse yourself in the emotions of racing. Feel the power as you sink into your seat, ready to push the limits. Experience the rush of speed as you merge with your vehicle in perfect harmony.

Our seat consoles are not only technical masterpieces, but also an expression of our passion for motorsport. Become part of this passion. Be ready to push your limits and dominate the race track.

Unleash the power of the perfect sitting position. Contact us today and let our seating consoles inspire you. Because motorsport is about more than just numbers - it's about the heart and soul of racing.

- Improved, lighter design for BMW enthusiasts

- Optimal seat placement near the transmission tunnel for an improved driving experience

- Precision laser cut S420 steel construction for increased strength

- Complete FE analysis to ensure low-stress design

- increased stiffness parameters

- Allows ultra-low seating position

- Unsurpassed variability that surpasses other seat consoles

- Effortless installation, compatible with virtually any racing seat

- Utilizes factory floor pan mounting points for improved safety and durability


These seat consoles are compatible with virtually every standard bucket seat with a side connection. The L adapters are adapted to the usual hole spacing of 290mm for attaching the seat to the L adapters. In order to be able to offer everyone a perfect sitting position, seats with a width of 380mm to 460mm fit into our fastening system.

This allows the following seats, for example, to be attached to our consoles:


Bimarco: Lobster, Cobra

Momo: Lesmo, Daytona EVO


Racetech: RT4100 (T and WT)

Recaro: Poleposition, Pro Racer SPG Hans (XL), Profi SPG (XL), Furious, Pro Racer SPA HANS (XL), Profi SPA


Note: Since the bucket seats from different manufacturers have different seat bolster contours, we cannot guarantee against collisions with surrounding fittings, trim parts or other attachments. For motorsport vehicles without interior trim and floor carpet, the seat consoles generally fit the dimensions mentioned above without any problems.

Discover uniqueness with our individual design badges for seat consoles!

"Custom Motorsport Badges – Redesign your racing style!

Bring the spirit of motorsport to your seat consoles with our tailor-made design badges.

Why our badges?

  • Pure racing inspiration: Our badges give your consoles the aesthetics of motorsports.
  • Installation instructions via QR code: Each badge includes a QR code for easy application.
  • Personalized: Upon request, we can offer you personalized badges with your name and start number.


Running rails are not included in the scope of delivery and must be booked separately.

These parts are racing parts that are not approved for road traffic. For road approval, an individual inspection (StVZO §21) must be carried out by the TÜV.

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